Monday, November 2, 2015

The Blessing- Week 14

 Elder Ricks enjoying some golf on Pday today along with some beautiful weather!
 This is what we sent him in his 100 day package!  He loved getting all your notes!  Thank you

Well, it was an awfully big and incredibly busy week! 

Sooo, I guess 100 days came and went this last week!-My amazing Mom, made a package celebrating this and it was so creative and fun! I really loved everything inside and am so grateful for all of the letters inside, thanks to all who participated in helping my mom! 

Monday night, a member hosted a going away party for Elder Balch and about 60 families, yes, families came. It was crazy! About 65 vehicles parked on the lawn, and about 140 people inside. It was amazing! And there were about 8 investigators and lots of less-actives who came also so it was a tremendously productive and successful missionary night!!

Tuesday night, Elder Balch's last night with me, we were able to attend the temple to support a young man who has received his mission call and went to receive his endowment. It was such an incredible, spiritual night and I am so grateful I was able to go for him and with my dear friend Elder Balch.

Wednesday was transfers!!! Elder Balch is home now and doing so great which is thrilling to me and makes me so happy!!! He really became one of my best friends and I am so excited to continue my friendship with him! And my new companion, Elder Hilton, is amazing!!! We are going to have such a good time and do so many great things together in Edmond 3rd! 

He came out at the same time as me, 3 months ago, and we are both just loving the mission and working hard! Together, in just 4 short days, we have already taught about 12 lessons and found new investigators and are just having a lot of fun and a lot of success!! 
He is from Cali and has graduated from BYUI and is a programmer! He is really smart and very analytical and we have so many similar ideas about how we can be efficient and plan to be the most successful so things are really going great! We also made a fun connection, he is a descendant of Levi Savage from 17 Miracles and I am a descendant of Thomas E. Ricks who is also in 17 miracles and my grandpa actually came to save his grandpa. How fun is that?! They were probably best friends and now they are up there nudging each other and pointing, smiling about all the great things they got to do together and now their descendants are able to be together and do the same thing!! hahah

Friday we had district meeting and afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for pizza and rootbeer because that was the tradition in my family and it was so fun! We paid with a gift card my mom sent and also set the table in Pizza Hut with a Halloween tablecloth and decorations from that package. It was really fun and people already think we are a peculiar people so I can't imagine what they thought when four young men are sitting in suits at Pizza Hut with all these fun decorations on the table. It was a good time!:) 

We had our ward Trunk or Treat party Friday night but it was pouring rain all day long so we had it inside! Elder Hilton and I were chili judges and I can't say that it was a blessing or a curse. It tasted so great but we paid for it later! It was so fun to be there and to meet new people that members had invited and to just be surrounded by all these people I have come to love and have such great relationships with! It was a wonderful missionary opportunity to visit with new potential investigators and to see less and inn-actives there.

Saturday we went on exchanges because Elder Hilton had a baptism he went back to Del City 
(where he was last serving) and I was able to stay and attend the baptism of an 8 year old boy in our ward. The service was so spiritual and powerful. His mom has been an investigator for 14 years and we are currently working with her and the whole thing was really just beautiful from the music to the talks to the very saving ordinance (baptism) and then receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and she said the closing prayer. It was a great morning to say the least!:)
Saturday night we went to a member's home because we couldn't be out passed 6:00 due to Halloween and all the things that could happen. So we passed out candy with pass-along cards to every child and played a game with them. It was so fun and there was one boy who pulled out the pass-along card which was a picture of Jesus Christ and the Articles of Faith on the back and he declared "Oh I love these!!!" He was not a member but just loved to see pictures of our Savior and Redeemer and it was really sweet and powerful.

The work is pushing on and I am loving every bit of it!!! 
Like I said, we have been able to teach a lot and have felt the Spirit so strong as we are able to declare simple truths of power that are so familiar to the soul.  I wish you could all come and be apart of or see some of these lessons, they are so powerful, it is the greatest feeling!
As you can tell, the weeks are always busy! We do a lot and are seeing so many miracles and fruits from our labors. Heavenly Father blesses you when you do what He asks and put your trust in Him! 

I love to hear from you and even though I am not always giving a great response, I love every word and every detail and soak it all in. I just don't have the time to send a big long response like I would like. But I do love you and appreciate you and hope to keep hearing from you all! Thanks again to my beautiful, wonderful Mother and all those that helped her.:)

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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