Monday, November 9, 2015

The Blessing- Week 15

It just amazes me how quickly the week goes by. I don't realize how fast it is going until I am sitting down writing this letter every week. 

This last week was another amazing one and incredibly busy! We were so blessed. We were able to talk to a ton of people as we were out and about and we had a lot of lessons this last week too which was great! 

As a missionary, we find people, build relationships, teach gospel principles, invite them to do things, follow-up and that continues on and on. Well, when those people begin to teeter on commitments their progression slows down or stops and it is at those times when missionaries have to go to them and tell them that we love them but we are going to have to come by less so that we can help others who are ready to progress do that. It is really hard because you have become such good friends and you love them so much and you wish so desperately that they would take those important next steps but they have their agency which is good and fair but at that point it is time for missionaries to continue doing what we have been asked to do and find those who are ready to take those steps and progress.

This last week we were on our way to a couple so that we could talk to them about this and tell them we love them and we would stop by every once in a while to check on them but we would have to stop coming by weekly so that we can carry on with our work. We knocked and she answered and before we could say anything she expressed to us how excited she and her husband were to come to church on Sunday. WHAT?!

I will go more in depth on this one next week but what I realized was we had an Abraham story. When we were willing to take the step to show Heavenly Father we are more willing to submit to his will than our own he blesses us. Instead of having to give them up, they took a step of progression by coming to church and we get to keep working with them as they continue to progress.

Miracles like this happened every day this last week. The Spirit is strong, the work is great, we are incredibly happy and successful! Heavenly Father wants to bless us and do everything He can to help us be happy.

Keep the Faith,
Elder Ricks

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