Monday, November 23, 2015

The Blessing- Week 17

We got this picture on Wednesday with the caption:  "The Work Goes On"  that's it.  We could pretty much tell it was fake, but it was weird, scary at first and we have been "dying" to hear the explanation. Well here it is!
The dead picture was funny:D So for mutual on Wednesday night, a guy in our ward brought the ambulance because he is an EMT and talked to the teachers and priests about all of the equipment and what he does for his job so I asked to take a picture and he thought it was a great idea to be funny so we did it but I wanted to send it to Dad first because I didn't want Mom to get all freaked out and have nightmares so I hope no nightmares occurred this week on my behalf!! But I had the Book of Mormon so the work never stops, even when you are out of commission;)
We also got some pictures from Elder Ricks and his companion Elder Hilton this week!
Picture overload to catch us up the last 4 months!
This picture is so funny to me, I have not purchased any Captain Crunch, Ritz Crackers or Microwave Popcorn since he left 4 months ago and all three of them are on the counter!!!

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