Monday, April 24, 2017

The Blessing- Week 91

Well I can’t believe I am here on the computer writing up this email on another p-day, again. The time between Mondays is getting shorter and shorter, I’m certain of it!

It always is, but this week was such a fun week! I absolutely love Elder Burrows, I absolutely love Edmond, and I am absolutely loving the miracles being given to us by the merciful and loving hands of the Lord.  

President Mansell wants everyone to be able to have an opportunity and experience to try sharing the gospel on the college campuses around the mission so there are always missionaries coming to campus with us and this week we got to work the booth with Elders McVey and Smith and it was so much fun! We talked with soo many people and just loved the opportunity to learn about others and to help them and teach them about the gospel in such a quick and powerful way. Serving on campus really is such a different experience than I have had at any other time as a missionary so it is helping me to grow and become better in so many different ways and I love it. Being able to talk with people my own age about the things that mean the most to me makes some of the most powerful, spiritual, and fun experiences I have ever had. I love this work and I love the Savior!

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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