Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Blessing- Week 90

Milagros por los dias (miracles for days...and eternity).

Miracle #1: Queen
We received a media-referral Thursday for a lady who was asking for a Bible and we delivered it that night. As we were walking up to her house we there was a boy in a doorway of another home we were passing. We kept walking and delivered the Bible and they weren't interested in the Book of Mormon so we turned back and felt really strongly that we needed to stop at the home where we had seen the boy who was no longer out. We knocked and long story short, Queen, a lady I met in January was at the home visiting her friend and she recognized me and I her and we were able to talk about the hand of the Lord, of His timing, and of His plans which are not coincidental, meaning we had met then and been enabled to cross paths again for a reason. We, all together, promised God that we going to take His sign and, needless to say, we are excited to see her again.

Miracle #2: Maynor 
We were met by a man, 26 years old, named Maynor, at church yesterday. He came with us throughout our meetings and we were able to visit with him for about 45 minutes after church was over. He is in the depths of humility and wants nothing more than Christ's help to change him and make him a better man. It was a truly magnificent experience being able to testify and promise, with Elder Burrows, to our new found friend of the glorious power of God and of God's loving and merciful and enabling nature. We feel so blessed to have encountered such a humble and penitent seeker of truth and know that the Lord has been working in Maynor's life and wants him to be near to Him.

Miracle #3: Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, the greatest miracle that ever has been and ever will be. I am so grateful for the opportunity to remember and worship the promised Messiah, the Holy and Anointed One, the Only Begotten of the Father, the Prince of Peace, my Savior, my Redeemer, my King, my Friend. I love Him. I know that He came to this earth in a fashion that could be done only by the power of God but in the most humble and lowly of circumstances. I know with that He lived a perfect and sinless life, being tempted above what any other would ever be tempted with, going about doing good, performing miracles, displaying the most pure and perfect love that exists and taught as one sent from God for truly He was. He was left completely and utterly alone in Gethsemane as He met the sins and the sorrows that the world and its inhabitants would ever know. He was persecuted and rejected, despised and beaten and He walked the rugged road, baring the very cross that He was destined to hang from, to Calvary on Golgotha's hill. There He hung and suffered and took upon Himself again the pains, and afflictions of the world until His dying breath, willingly giving up the ghost. His rugged and worn body was laid in a tomb. In the greatest manifestation and display of power, glory, and love, the words "He is risen", echo in an empty tomb because Jesus Christ won the victory, overcame the world, and triumphed over death. He left the tomb and never returned and because He did, we will leave or graves and never return also. His matchless life has allowed us to receive mercy, and love and redemption and salvation. I know of these things for myself and as one of His witnesses, I will forever stand in awe and desire to sing the song of redeeming love and testify to the world of the things that I have seen and believe and know to be true. Hallelujah, praise to our Father in Heaven for the matchless gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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