Friday, April 7, 2017

The Blessing- Week 88

Wasn't General Conference just remarkable? I absolutely love the time we get to spend admiring the Savior, the Mighty Prince of Peace our Brother and Redeemer every six months as fellow Brothers and Sisters who have been called of the Master, honor Him and share the things with all of us that He has revealed to them and that are so sacred and full of love and everlasting.

I absolutely loved serving with Elder Hays on OU last transfer and already miss him and Ou and the countless, incredible people I was so blessed to serve and learn from there but I am having a blast with Elder Burrows here on UCO. He is from Sandy Utah and has been serving for about a year and a half and is just fantastic! I'm so excited to be with him and to learn from him this transfer! We are seeing so many miracles and it is fun for me to back in my familiar home away from home, Edmond.:)

After Priesthood session on Saturday, Elder Burrows and I were able to go, as were a few other missionaries, to Braums (the best place to get ice cream that you will ever find, with the one exception of Reeds Dairy...) and while there I was able to talk with one of the employees, Keiyona, as she took my order. We talked about her life, what she is doing, about her plans, how she wants to be successful, I was able to share my simple testimony of the gospel and how it would help her with everything that she had shared with me and she smiled and seemed to find a great glimmer of hope at that promise. Before we left, I gave her a card and as we walked out, another employee saw this interaction and came following after us quickly and said "I love talking about Christ. I am a bull rider and I get down and pray before every rodeo." We continued talking with him and invited him to join us for conference to listen to the voice of a Prophet and Apostles on the earth today and he lit up and it seemed as the very windows of heaven had been opened to him. He excitedly accepted and gave us his phone number and informed us that he would actually be having a rodeo that next day. He ended up not being able to come but gave us a call and is so excited to meet together Tuesday night. 

This is the Lord's work and He reaches out to His children with great love in so many different ways. I never would have thought that by talking with Keiyona that someone completely separate would be touched by the pass-a-long card depicting the Savior and a humble testimony of power of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Almighty, our Father in Heaven. I love Them and was able to feel of Their love by the power of the Holy Ghost this week and particularly this weekend with conference. 

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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