Monday, March 27, 2017

The Blessing- Week 87

It was a phenomenal week, full of so many miracles! Here are just two:
On Sunday, we found two students out hammocking and slack lining so we went and talked to them. Through the conversation we learned that Alice's father had passed away years ago but how she has always been at peace because she knows she will be able to see him again. We were blessed with an opportunity to teach and spoke of the plan of salvation mainly focusing on God's love, Christ, families, angels, the spirit world and the resurrection. The Spirit was so powerful and undeniable and we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. She turned to her friend, Liam, and said "I am going to whack Gordon with this, this is more than anything he's ever given me!" Turns out, Gordon is her friend and he is a member of the Church. She said that she was excited to learn more and that she had once told Gordon she would go to church with him Anytime if he would ask and take her because she didn't want to go by herself and she also mentioned how she had always been interested and had considered converting Several times... We were ecstatic about it all and were able to meet with these two remarkable girls on Wednesday and taught the Plan of Salvation more fully and then they attended institute with us asking remarkable questions throughout the entire night. I really believe Alice will be baptized and confirmed this next transfer and she will be the door for many, many more people to receive the restored gospel and Church of Jesus Christ. 

On Monday we hopped on a bus that goes from the heart of campus to where a lot of the students park and we split up and just sat there and talked with everyone we possibly could-it was so fun!!! Through it, we met a young man named Diego and we were able to meet with him this last week as well. It was incredible to feel the spirit so strongly with him as we had a beautiful conversation centered on Christ and on principles of faith, repentance, prayer, families, the Book of Mormon, prophets, and concluding with the Atonement. Because of the Spirit that was there, he shared with us things that he hadn't shared with anyone and it was such a beautiful experience to really minister to his needs and to feel so much love for him. We met again on Friday and had a similarly powerful experience. I just love the gospel! It truly does change lives and I have been able to see that starting with myself and continually seeing it for so many others around. 

Keep the Faith
Elder Ricks

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