Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Blessing- Week 65

Look at God's hand in this with me:
We have that incredible experience in finding Kristy last week, right? And then it gets better. We had a lesson with her and her 11 year old son Rueben on Friday and it ended up being one of the greatest and most powerful lessons I've had in the last year, and let me tell you, I've been able to witness and feel some incredibly spiritual and magnificent lessons that I am sure have been noted in the heavens, and our lesson with Kristy and Rueben is up near the top. 
Then, see, it gets better. Then they came on Sunday with an incredible family in the ward. Sacrament meeting was amazing. Kristy came with us to our Sunday school class, gospel principles, while Rueben was befriended by a boy his age who showed him the way to primary:) Kristy was making some incredible comments in class and if I didn't know any better I would have guessed she had been a life long, devoted member.
She asked us after class if she could go outside for a minute so we knew what that meant and went with her. As we were talking with her she told us that she hates smoking and that she wants to find a new/better way to cope with stress but up to this point in her life it is all she has known. We talked about the Word of Wisdom just a little bit and Elder Stevens bore his testimony and said "... the greatest reason why we don't do these things is so that we can have the Spirit more abundantly. When we put these things in our body it interferes with the Spirit trying to be with us and speak to us and comfort us..." She looked at him and you could just see in her eyes that she understand exactly what he meant and it hit her. Without delay she started walking toward the street and we all just kind of looked at each other in puzzlement. We watched as she put out her half smoked cigarette on the busy main street then kind of run back up to us. She said "I can't really explain it but I just couldn't put something like that out on holy grounds..." We witnessed a miracle in those brief moments, a change of heart and so much love and respect for God, our Eternal Father. I will never forget.
As we walked back in, taking her to relief society, we walked passed the baptismal font and she said "I was baptized when I was younger." (We were all thinking, man, if I had a nickel...) then she added "But, I really want to be baptized again, into this Church. It just feels right. I can feel something here. I can feel the Spirit of the Lord." nearly dumbfounded we stuttered a resounding "Yes, of course!"
She absolutely loved Relief Society and all of Church and was welcomed in by so many loving arms. After church we found her and Rueben both still in the relief society room talking with a couple women and Kristy told Rueben, "I want to be baptized again. I want to be baptized here. Do you want to be baptized, are you down?" He looked at her smiling and said "Yeah I do!"
Keep the faith Brothers and Sisters,

Elder Ricks

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