Monday, February 1, 2016

The Blessing- Week 27

It always amazes me just how quickly the weeks go by. So much happened this week! We stayed very busy and had a truly wonderful week. 

I feel so blessed to be in this area. Everyone is so humble and open to hearing the message of the gospel! Nearly every single person we talk to is open to talking with us about Christ and about what we believe and know to be true. It has been a true blessing seeing the light in people's eyes as we discuss these things that mean so much to us. 

We had Zone P-day, an STM, our Zone Temple Trip. As always, it is a wonderful experience to receive training from the leaders of our zone and how we become more consecrated missionaries and instruments of God in each of our areas. It was incredible to be within the walls of the Lord's house and to feel of the Spirit there. I am so grateful for the revelation and insights I receive each time I am blessed to enter that Holy Abode.

We played basketball with some guys we met at a park and some other young men we met on the street and we were able to leave Book of Mormon's and set up appointments with them. We were walking through an apartment complex and saw a woman that we approached and talked to. We began just asking how she was doing and eventually asked her if we could share with her a glorious message centered on Christ that will bless her life and strengthen her faith. She agreed but was drinking and asked us to share the message with her another time. We gave her a Book of Mormon and a Bible. She didn't tell us which apartment number she lived in so we went knocking several days later to find her. We knocked on a door and some men inside responded and said they didn't know Dawn so we thanked them and turned the corner when Dawn came around the corner. She was so happy that we hadn't forgotten her and came back to see her. It was such a sweet time to spend with her and just before we left she looked at me and said that I was glowing and that she could see Jesus and His love in my eyes. Experiences like this abound daily and I wish you could just see one week of the wonderful life I am so blessed to live as a missionary. It is truly humbling and gratifying to be with such sweet and humble people and makes me so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am so thankful for this work and the opportunity that I have to be molded and shaped into the tool that Heavenly Father needs me to be to harvest this area of the vineyard and bring souls unto Christ. What a glorious calling I have as a missionary and how much greater is the blessing of it! 

I was able to see this light of Christ in the two beautiful young girls of the David family as they were baptized, confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as they received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I was reminded of the sacredness of these ordinances and blessings. As Darmelyn and Blara received the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was so obvious and apparent to me that Heavenly Father only desires to bless us and show us of His deep and eternal love.

May God bless you this week with greater love, understanding and light. 

Keep the faith my dear friends and family,
Elder Ricks
 Elder Morton and I at our Zone Temple Trip
This is what happened to my foot after playing street ball!

Baptism of Darmelyn and Blara

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