Monday, February 8, 2016

The Blessing- Week 28

Another week, come and gone. I've considered praying to have it all slow down but reconsidered when thinking of possible ways Heavenly Father could answer that prayer...

We had another incredible week! There weren't many new kinds of experiences this week. We were able to see many small miracles each and everyday. I can't express enough how wonderful it has been to have a companion that is so similar to my best friend! I feel like I have known him for years and we are having much success and a great time together. 

All of our appointments last night suddenly fell through or cancelled.. I guess there was a big football game on? Surprisingly, people weren't as thrilled as usual to see us last night! Hopefully it is just a fluke and all will go back to normal tonight. Congrats to the Superbowl champions, Go Broncos, though they kind of put a dent in the effectiveness of our work last night! It's fun to know my team won📣.

I am so grateful to be a missionary. There is no way to use the correct words to describe the joy I feel as I see the light illuminate from people's eyes and their countenance change as they hear the message of the restored gospel and have desires to come unto Christ. There is no feeling I have experienced that is quite like it.

The work is pressing forward! The Lord is providing and there is much work to do.

May we all see the hand of God in our lives each day this week and give thanks for our blessings.

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

Open Your Mouth...Talk to everyone... We didn't set a return appointment but he listened to everything we had to say. Definitely a solid potential investigator

                           2nd time eating Wendys in the last 6 months... Tastes like heaven!

                                                             Companion: Elder Morton

 There is only one explanation for such beauty. God. All things denote there is a God. I am grateful for the beauty of the world that He has created for us to live in and enjoy.

Only in Oklahoma do you get excited and terrified to see gas prices so low... The lower the gas prices get the more jobs people here lose. Opposition in all things. 

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