Monday, January 25, 2016

The Blessing- Week 26

What a wonderful week!  Once again, I am absolutely stunned at how quickly the week has gone by. 
It has been busy and wonderful in many ways! 

I moved from my beloved first area, Edmond 3rd. From where I stood in the Edmond 3rd Ward, I picked up a stone, threw it in the southwest direction and where that stone landed is where I now reside as a missionary in the Edmond 2nd Ward!

What a blessing it is to be so close to my first area!  Even though it is so close, it is a new area so I still have no clue where anything is... But it is great!  The people here are absolutely wonderful. The are so kinds, humble, and desire to have God in their lives.  This area also covers quite a bit of space but the houses are much closer together!  So we mostly bike and I really enjoy it!  I really feel like a missionary of old when I can get on the bike and ride in the rain and wind and cold and everything and Heavenly Father truly does bless you when you get on your bike instead of driving your car in a "car" area. (Every area in this mission is a biking area and the cars are just to stay nice when we go to church:)).  We have been able to talk to so many people that we pass by on the streets and in the neighborhoods and it has been a remarkable experience in the short few days that I have been here! Blessings abound! 

My second day we met with a part member family and set baptismal dates with the four children for February 20th!  Exciting right?!  Well the next day we heard word of a dual mission conference that will take place in Tulsa on February 20th and with that we will need to push back the baptisms for the following week.  Good problems to have I think!  Haha anyways, this area truly is amazing and I am so excited for it! 

Everyone knows my best friend back home (apart from my family of course, though I would consider him to be apart of my family), Walker.  Walker is doing great back home but what is really crazy is I received his long lost twin as a companion!  I cannot tell you how blessed I am to be with a companion that reminds me so much of my best friend.  The work was great and fun before but it just got even better which astounds me!  God is good.  I have been blessed greatly and love my new companion, Elder Morton! 

The baptisms of Blara and Darmelyn are actually this up coming Saturday!  Everyone has been emailing me about their excitement in the ordinances that are to be performed and I am so thankful for the support but I apologize that I misinformed everyone!  I look forward to this special event on Saturday though and cannot wait to tell you all about it in the email next week:) 

It sufficeth me to say that I am greatly blessed beyond what I deserve and the source of all these blessings and this happiness is Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.  The gospel is pure and perfect and the church is true.  I am filled with a grateful heart, God is loving and God is good!

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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