Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Blessing- Week 29

I'm amazed at how quickly each week passes by. The transfer is already half over but I feel like I have been in this new area for only a couple of days!

The work here is booming. There is so much to do and so much going on and I am so grateful that God has put me here with one of my best friends to reap the harvest. The blessings and miracles are plenty and great. 

Last week, we were able to teach a wonderful, older woman and the Spirit was so obviously present at the end of the lesson. We could feel it and she made it apparent to us that she could feel it as well. She got really excited and emotional and said her heart was beating so fast. And then without warning she grabbed my hand and said, "See, feel it!!!" I don't think I have had a more awkward experience on my entire mission.. But, she could feel the Spirit and it testified of the truth of the things we taught her about the scriptures and that is what is truly marvelous.

We had a great week, stayed really busy, and were so blessed when we were finally able to see the Helegenburger family at church this last Sunday. Roxburt is 15, Omara is 13, McCrain is 12, and Chaz is 10. Sister Helegenburger is from a Micronesian island and was baptized there when she turned 8. She has been less-active now for a long time and married a man who is not a member of our Church. We have been working intensly with his incredible family since I got here. They are excited to enter the covenant and waters of baptism on February 27th. Sister Helegenburger doesn't have a license so we have been working each week on providing a ride for them to get to church and to the youth activities. Everything was always falling through. We thought it was a miracle when an incredible family of the ward called to invite the Helegenburger's to have dinner at their house on Saturday and Sister Helegenburger accepted. We were so grateful! And then Sister Helegenburger had to back out Saturday afternoon. We went to see them that night and had a great lesson with them and what turned out to be even more miraculous was when we saw them walk into the chapel Sunday morning. They sat next to the Skinner's at church (who invited them to dinner and even picked them up that morning for Church) and following Sacrament meeting were surrounded by new friends. The Helegenburger's had a great time at church and are extremely excited to come to youth activities on Wednesday and to church again next week.The ward members here are incredible and have played a great role in helping the Helegenburger's to come unto Christ. This entire process has been a miracle and a great blessing for me to see and be apart of. God is wonderful and works in miraculous ways!

This upcoming week is going to be extremely busy and I so look forward to it! We will be blessed to attend a conference in Tulsa on Saturday (out of mission boundaries!) and to hear from Elder D. Todd Christopherson and Lynn G. Robins. I am so excited!!

I hope everyone stays safe and has a wonderful week this week. Thank you for all of the love and support you all so freely give me! 

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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