Friday, January 22, 2016

The Blessing- Week 25

What a wonderful week! 
I was blessed to experience a week of biking as our car was in the shop this week. It helped me to realize the blessing we have being in a car in this area. In all, we spent over 8 hours of biking time over the course of the week going from appointment to appointment. Unfortunately in this area there aren't many people outside so we don't have many opportunities to find people and talk to them as we bike so I was able to realize how much more efficient it is to have a car in this area. 

We still had a busy and blessed week! Darmelyn and Blara are set to be baptized together next Saturday and we are so happy and excited for their decision to do so. It has been such a wonderful experience to be with this beautiful and young family. The light and happiness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is illuminated as we live it and we can see this light radiate from this family we have come to love so much.

Also, get this: Mitch McGary who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder? Yeah, his roommate and best friend, Jake, came to the baptism of Cal Morley several weeks ago and we have since been able to go back and teach him so I can officially say I have been in an NBA player's home, seen his (messy) room and taught principles of the gospel in this bachelor pad referenced as a home!

I received a call Sunday about transfers. I will be moving several streets over to Edmond 2nd! I am truly so grateful for the blessing of serving in the Edmond 3rd ward. These are some of the most wonderful people upon the face of the earth. My heart aches to leave such a beautiful people that I have come to love so greatly in an area that I have seen the Lord build up and transform during my time here. I know that He will continue to bless this area and build it up to be ever greater but I truly feel privileged to have spent the last six months of my life in this place. I also look forward though to my new area and am thrilled to be able to make new leaps of growth in the coming days, weeks and months. Being so close to Edmond 2nd I actually already know my next companion fairly well! His name is Elder Morton and I am ecstatic to be with him and to serve the people of this new area! 

I have had the opportunity to bear my simple yet sure testimony to many people in the last several days and I am grateful for the things I do know to be true for the Holy Ghost has testified to me that these things are true and it gives me so much joy and hope and peace. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for the love Heavenly Father has and gives to each of us as His children. Jesus Christ lives, and He loves us. I am grateful for the divinity of his life and teachings and especially grateful that through Him I can be with my family forever in the glory of God. I know this message of the restored gospel is true and desire to share it with all who will receive it. Glory be to God! 

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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