Friday, February 24, 2017

The Blessing- Week 82

Elder Hays and I talked about how we can be more effective on Saturdays and determined that Monday's are one of the busiest days on campus and Saturdays are the absolute slowest days on campus so we talked with President Mansell about it and asked him if we could move our p-day to Saturday here and he loved the idea so we are giving it a try and I am really excited about it! 

It really has been another phenomenal week, filled with miracles and tender mercies. Some missionaries found Richard a few months ago on campus and he has been meeting with the missionaries, coming to institute and Friday forum and church ever since. He has had desires to be baptized but has felt like he hasn't received an answer. We had a lesson with him on Wednesday and decided then to talk about revelation. We had about 18-20 scriptures ready to go but only made it to three of them before he realized that he had indeed already received his answer and had, in fact, himself received revelation. We then asked him what he needed to do next, now that he knew he had received his answer. He looked at us and responded without hesitation " I need to be baptized." We hadn't mentioned baptism one time in the lesson but the Spirit touched him and taught him and inspired him through revelation what it was he needed to do next. It was such a spiritual experience as Elder Hays and James (the member who was with us) shared their powerful testimonies and experiences and asked not only inspired questions but also inspiring questions. I was grateful to be able to share some of my experiences as well and felt the power and reaffirming spirit that has so frequently testified to me of the truth of the reality of our Father in Heaven as I have felt the manifestations of His love, particularly in learning of, partaking in, and rejoicing because of His Son, Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of the Savior and it was brought forth by the hand of God through His chosen prophet, servant, son, and friend, Joseph Smith. Richard is so excited for his baptism on March 4th and is so prepared for that sacred experience and covenant coming up in just a few short weeks. 

We've been able to talk to so many people this last week and I have really been learning about what success is in testifying of Christ and inviting others to increase their faith in Him and strive to help them along the way. Serving on campus has been so fun and such a remarkable learning experience that I will remember and cherish forever!

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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