Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Blessing- Week 80

Elder Yamane and I had a miraculous week. God is so good and I see His hand more and more each day, for example:

Kristy has said for the last 3 weeks that she and her son Rueben would come to church but every week something has come up. She has told us so many times that all she wants is to come to church and feel of the peace and love there because she remembers the first time she went, how touched she felt at church. She is praying constantly and reading the Book of Mormon frequently.

We had two of the most spiritual lessons together with her this week that I have had and really that anyone can have. In one of the lessons she talked about the scriptures and said this powerful observation "I love the Old and the New Testament, especially the New Testament. But whenever I read that Mormon book, uh, the Book of Mormon, my day goes perfect. There is special power in that book and I always feel the Spirit so strong as I read it and it always relates to me." She went on to talk about the feelings she had for the Book of Mormon for a few minutes and it was such a powerful moment and reminded me of the countless times I felt the same way and had the same spiritual experiences that she was describing as I myself read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and received a testimony and witness of it's truth and power.

On Saturday we invited her to commit to God and promise Him that she would come. She then prayed with such exceedingly great faith as I have never seen or heard from anyone who is seeking for the truth to do what is right and be happy and she promised our Heavenly Father that she would come to church with "the Elders". She then proceeded to offer one of the most beautiful and touching prayers that can be uttered from the natural human tongue. Our Eternal Father heard her prayer, provided a way and she kept her end of the promise, staying committed to God, and her son Rueben both made it to church and had another delightful and peaceful and loving experience.

Kristy has the desires and is taking the steps that are necessary to live a Christ centered life having faith, repenting, and working toward being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost so that she can endure to the end when God will give her eternal life. Shikuna has the same desires and is taking the same steps with greater humility than anyone I have taught, invited and helped on my mission and is progressing to be baptized on February 25th. We are thrilled for both of them and for their families as they are involved and progressing also.

With great, bitter sweet feelings I am sad to say I have to leave Elder Yamane and the Village to go to Norman on the OU campus with Elder Hayes (he also came out with me and was actually in my MTC district and we stayed in the same room there!).

New Address:

748 Ridgecrest Ct. Norman Ok 73072 #1411

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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