Monday, June 27, 2016

The Blessing- Week 47

I'm sorry, we don't have any time for emailing today but I love each of you. I will write more next week. Everything is going great! I absolutely love every minute I have with one of my dearest friends, Elder Dutson, in this heavenly place. Thank you for your prayers and support.
Have a wonderful week!

 We found this beautiful little girl and her family last night. We talked to them all about God, faith, prayer, and some other basic principles. I love teaching! I feel so blessed to have been able to teach so much on my mission. There is no greater feeling than finding someone, opening your mouth to talk to them, sharing gospel principles, relating it to them, loving them, teaching them, and inviting the Spirit into their lives for that moment and to see the light in their eyes change and brighten. I love it! What a blessing. 
Anyways, as we were leaving this angel asked us for a picture so we both reached in our bags and I assumed she meant take a picture with the camera while Elder Dutson understood her true desire which was one of the pass-a-long cards that have beautiful picture of the Savior on them. So he gave her that and we took a picture anyways:) 

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks


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