Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Blessing- Week 44


The long and dreadful day has come where I have to say "goodbye" to this beautiful place that I have come to love so much. This is my home. I will work on finding the words to describe how much I truly love this place and the tremendous blessing that every individual has been for me. I am excited, however, to be serving in Lawton Oklahoma with, in my opinion, one of the greatest Elders this mission and Church has to offer! Elder Dutson and I came out at the same time and he is from Rexburg Idaho:) He is absolutely phenomenal and I am excited to be with him come tomorrow morning!

It's been yet another busy, busy week full of miracles and people progressing towards baptism, re-activation, and most importantly towards entering the temple. It never ceases to amaze me just how much God loves us and how many blessings He pours out upon us all! 

We received a call from a member in another ward who is a locksmith that he did a job for somebody that was interested in meeting with us. Brother Mueller picked us up and took us to this man's house and he wasn't home but, we saw a group of people down the road and Brother Mueller takes off towards them. They saw us coming and all 10 or so of them quickly headed for the house. Brother Mueller said "No, wait! Don't go in! We want to talk to you!" They acted like they didn't hear and kept filing in. Wow, what a humbling experience for me. I, who have been called as a full-time representative of Christ and minister of the gospel was just going to pass them up and say "Oh bummer, he wasn't home. Well, hopefully we have better luck next time!" and gone on with life.
 But no, Brother Mueller took the lead and tried to talk to everyone about the gospel. Now that was extremely humbling. He taught me a great lesson and it was a wonderful reminder for me of just how important it is to try sharing the gospel with everyone we can possibly meet. 
With this reminder and renewed excitement to talk to everyone, we started walking back towards the truck and saw a group of kids playing basketball so we went up and talked to them and asked to play. Before we could even establish teams the father of the house came out and said it was time for everyone to go and time for his son to come in and then he shut the garage behind him. We got to stay a minute though and talk to one of the young men, Junior. He just graduated and we quickly taught a principle of the gospel and before we concluded with a prayer, he accepted an invitation to be baptized next month. Brother Mueller's example of diligence and reaching out with love taught me a great lesson and was the source of this miraculous experience. 

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

Rusk, Elder Ricks, Tessa, Heidi, Brother Kinnison, Elder Santana, Eva. (FHE, Heidi's last one before going back to Equador)
                                         It's getting to be about that time: Warmer Weather...

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