Monday, May 9, 2016

The Blessing- Week 41

Mother's Day: The Best Day of The Year. I have the most beautiful and wonderful Mother and the greatest family under the heavens. I am so grateful for the time I had to talk with Mom and Dad and Tyson, Carson, Ashlynn and Analee. What great love and joy comes to me from my dear family! 

Our weeks seem to be filling themselves. It seems to me that each week our schedule is becoming filled more and more with appointments even to the point that we are beginning to have too much work to do ourselves. We had an interview with our President this week and he mentioned to me that in a transfer or two he is deeply considering splitting our area for other missionaries to come partake in the work. It is a terrible but probably the greatest problem to have as a missionary-stressing over not having enough time to see everyone you need to.

I have one of the best teachers of the gospel as a companion so that makes our appointments even that much greater. He teaches so simply and powerfully and has already been a significant example and a great friend to me. 

I've talked much about the Helgenberger's, and lately have mentioned some of their friends; Kavion, Reggie, and his sister Gelina. (Like Angelina, but without the An.)

The Stake had a stake basketball tournament and Roxbert and Micrain invited 5 of their friends to go, namely Kavion, Reggie, Davion, Caleb, and Traci. We got to find them all rides to go and they had a good time. Kavion has made it to church the last two week and is progressing to baptism! Reggie couldn't quite muster the strength to get up in time for church yesterday despite Gelina's efforts to wake him but he is doing really well and she came again to church! We have struggled to be able to meet their parents and were even fairly worried if their parents would be okay with their children meeting with us but we finally got to meet their father yesterday and had a really good visit with him! We were able to go with a member to their house and it turns out that Reggie and Gelina's dad had actually met missionaries in Florida and knew a bit about what we believed. We had a good conversation and he is more than happy for his children to continue meeting with us and learning and progressing to be baptized as members of our Church. We were really worried going into it of how the parents might react but it ended up going the second to best way possible. He doesn't have anything against our faith but he doesn't really want to join organized religion right now. Getting the whole family would be the only better thing that could have happened. 

God is great, we are blessed, and all is well in this place, I call Zion. 

Keep the faith,

Elder Ricks

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