Monday, May 2, 2016

The Blessing- Week 40

Another wonderful week under our belts! I am left in complete disarray each week when I get to think about and see all of the blessings and miracles that Heavenly Father has given me and allowed me to witness or be apart of. 

Yes, there was a storm that hit us in Oklahoma this week and there were tornadoes around the state and the area. There was one Tuesday night just out of our area about 5 miles away from where we were at but thanks to God and His goodness, nobody was hurt by any of the storms and all is well. We were very well taken care of and stayed with the Skinners until the storm passed. We didn't even have to get into the shelter this time ! #blessings

Yesterday was the highlight of the great week. Last week, Reggie came to church but didn't make it until after the Sacrament was administered and Kavion didn't come at all. So this week we really focused on getting them to Church and making sure it was in time for them to feel all of the blessings of Church attendance and the sacredness of partaking of the emblems of the Sacrament. 
In preparations for this we; prayed earnestly, talked with them and set a sure plan, planned for a ride from faithful members (what a blessing to have their support!) and gave reminder calls the night before and wake up calls the morning of. Not only did both of them make it this week but Reggie's sister also came, who we had never before had any contact with, and a family in the ward had a daughter who invited her friend to come and Tessa came also. Heavenly Father didn't just grant us our desires in having Reggie and Kavion come but blessed us with so much more than that! The work truly is so good and God is even far greater. 

Miracles, miracles, miracles. They are everywhere! I pray that we might all be blessed with the spiritual eyes to see them all around us. 

Keep the faith, 
Elder Ricks

Tuesday night-> biking to the Skinner's when the severe weather watch alarm went off. 
Tuesday night-> with the Skinner's weather watching.

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