Monday, March 28, 2016

The Blessing- Week 35

Wow, another incredible week has come and gone! Two apologies: It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to include the name of the restaurant that we ate at for St. Patrick's day so I apologize for that but it was IHOP. Second, I'm sorry this week's post is so wordy and lengthy! That being said;

The greatest blessings of this week has to do with our goal as a mission and as a district and as a companionship. The mission has a goal of 60 baptisms for the month of April, the district has a goal of getting at at least 9 of those 60 and Elder Morton and I have a goal of getting two baptisms this upcoming month. District meeting is great every week but this week was particularly motivating to go out and really find those people that are ready to get baptized this upcoming month! 
Of course we are always trying to work hard to invite others to come unto Christ by being baptized but since Friday when we came up with these goals it has been our only focus and point of action. We wake up and ask each other, "Who can we find that will get baptized today?" We are praying earnestly and talking to everyone and asking all we meet to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and receive the glorious gift of the Holy Ghost.
Though most people respond with "We are already baptized" we have been able to witness miracles by doing this. On Friday, we were biking from our apartment complex and a man from our complex asked us to come by later to share a message with him and his girlfriend(she is a member, he is not). We came by that night, had an incredible lesson centered on Christ and His Atonement and Resurrection that was guided by the Spirit and at the end asked Bobby to be baptized and Laurel to come back to Church. They both said "yes". For different reasons we weren't able to set an actual date for the baptism but they want to work towards it and learn more. I am so excited to see the Lord work in their life and see them enter the fold. 
We had a lesson with an investigator, Rosalind, on Saturday. Her granddaughter who is a senior and lives in Texas, asked if she could join us for the lesson and we talked with them also about the life, Atonement, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and invited the granddaughter to be baptized. She said she wants to and is looking for a Church so we got her information and will be giving that to the Dallas Texas missionaries. 
Miracles are flowing and God is answering prayers. I testify that the Hallelujah initiative was put into effect by the leader of our Church, Jesus Christ and because this is the way He wants us to share the message of His Resurrection and Atonement, we are seeing so many miracles from it. 

I look so forward to hearing from the Prophet this coming weekend. What a glorious time to be on the earth! When the Christ stands at the head of a Church and has called modern Prophets seers and revelators to lead and guide us in the ways of truth and righteousness in these days. 

Keep the faith my dear friends and family,
Elder Ricks

Once upon a time. Two little missionaries (well, one little missionary and then Elder Morton) were biking to deliver a special blue journal that was handwritten and worth more than anything else these two young ones possessed. 
As they journeyed to their destination they passed through the woods and one said to the other "whoo whoo". The little one turned back and said "No Elder, you can only be excited like as you ride a thrilling roller coaster, take off in a plane, propose and she says 'yes' or when you baptize a convert." 
The other missionary looked very confused and said "What, under the heavens, could you possibly be talking about? I didn't say anything. You're crazy(Nacho Libre style..)". 
So these two young Elders begin their search to who could've said such a thing and inform them that they could not express such excitement biking down a 4 foot hill and they must repent because, it just is not right. 
Well, after a long and hearty search, they found the culprit!!! He was kinda boring to talk to and didn't seem too happy about us declaring him to repent but at least we accomplished our job and can stand blameless at the last day. And they lived happily ever after, amen.

We were able to have an Easter egg scavenger hunt with the Helgenberger children this weekend which was so fun and special! Immediately following the activity we had a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the kids taught us everything. They are the greatest kids and are going to progress so well in the gospel and be lights and examples to so many people! I am so grateful for the spirit each of them has and for the change of heart and true conversion that has been wrought in them. It is glorious to be apart of!
Chas and Micrain

Ian Skinner    Omara      Micrain      Elder Morton


At the very end of November, we went to Sonic for lunch after a district meeting. Allison happened to be working that day and we sparked up conversation with her, found out she had family who was LDS, left her with a Book of Mormon and got her contact information. We found out she lived in our apartment complex and taught her. She asked me to come back this weekend for her baptism and it was absolutely incredible. Lance, a stellar man that I was able to see become truly converted to the gospel and come back into activity, spoke at her baptism about the gift of the Holy Ghost and shared kinda his life story especially the last 4 months since we were able to first meet with him. The Spirit was so present and my joy is full!

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