Monday, March 7, 2016

The Blessing- Week 32

Hello my dear family and friends!

Yet another wonderful week has come and gone. 

I am running out of time today but I want to share just one miracle and blessing this week.

We went to see a member who has not come to church in quite some time. He has a wife who isn't a member and has children that come to church every once in awhile when their grandmother picks them up. We arrived at his home just in time to see Jared just leaving in his suburban. We decided to go up to the house anyways and found his wife on the porch. We talked with her for several minutes and had a wonderful conversation with her. At the close of our discussion we asked to leave with a prayer and in that prayer we asked for a blessing over her children with their education efforts and pursuits. Following the prayer she mentioned how grateful she was for that in the prayer because they have a daughter who just took a test to be placed in advanced placement classes and things and will receive the results in a few weeks. Then this morning we received a call from another set of Elders telling us that her mother in law (who is a member) had called and thanked them for stopping by her house because the visit and the prayer left such an impression on her daughter in law. These missionaries were confused at first but figured it all out and gave us a call to let us know just how appreciative this mother was. It is yet another testimony to me of just how well God knows each of His children, how much He loves us, and how He is hastening His work to bless the souls of many. I am not sure what may or may not come from this miracle as far as the family coming back into activity or being baptized but I do know that they were touched by the Spirit of God. 

Little miracles such as this happen each and every day! I am so grateful for my call to serve!

Keep the faith,
Elder Ricks

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