Monday, September 28, 2015

The Blessing- Week 9

Hello everyone!

Of course it was another busy week and it flew by! I can't believe it is already that time to be writing this email again. Where does the time go? 

Anyway, life as a missionary is busy but this week the work seemed to go a little slower than what we have been experiencing. We get 1100 miles we can use to drive each month and we were so busy going all over the place at the beginning of the month that we have been needing to walk a lot more this week so that we don't run out of those miles. Because of that we weren't able to see quite as many people as usual but those we did get to see was great as always! We see miracles and blessings by the Lord's gracious hand each and everyday!

We had a ton of fun in Stillwater for Zone P-day and a very insightful, spiritual, and powerful STM (Specialized Training Meeting). Following the training that night, I went on exchanges with Elder Palmer, one of our zone leaders, in Stillwater. It was so cool to see the work and progress of the work in another area of the mission. I got back to Edmond on Wednesday morning. I loved the exchange and being with an amazing missionary, I learned so much and am excited to apply it to my work! 

I am Loving my companions, Elder Balch and Elder Williams! We have so much fun and work so well together! We were all a little questioning about a trio at the start but I don't think there is any question among us. I think we all love it and are excited for the remainder of the transfer with each other!

We just got a new Ward Mission Leader yesterday, Brother Orgil, and we are so excited to have him! The members play the most substantial and vital role in missionary work and we are so excited to work with him and the ward even more/better than ever before! The position of Ward Mission Leader, to me, is one of the greatest, funnest and most important positions in the Church but that's just my opinion. All of the positions are great:) Good things are happening but great things are about to happen I think. 

We get to see miracles and blessings every day! Last week we had an appointment with a less-active member. We went to see our investigators, Mary and her daughter, who is mentally handicapped, Eryn, just before going over to our appointment with Sister Jolly. Mary invited us to go to Eryn's softball game so we decided we should go and asked Sister Jolly if we could reschedule for the following evening. We got to the game and met so many wonderful families and mothers who were all talking to us and we have a lot of potential to work with these people also so that was a huge blessing! But what is more than that, we got a text from Sister Jolley a little bit into the game telling us that we couldn't reschedule and we needed to come over that night because she had a friend over who was asking all these questions about the Church. We got to see Eryn bat a couple times and she is just so sweet and cute! But anyways, we left the game a bit early to go over to Sister Jolley's house and ended up talking to this friend, Hattie, for about an hour. She was really interested, took a Book of Mormon, we had a wonderful conversation talking about her and about what we believe and set an appointment to watch Meet the Mormons with her and to continue teaching her. AMAZING RIGHT??

We haven't been able to make any contact with three of our recent converts in two weeks to check up on them, see how they are doing, and give them a brief lesson. We felt a bit anxious about this because they are such good friends to us and we were worried about how they are doing so we prayed and asked to be able to see them soon within the next week. (Our focus this week is on less-active members, inn-active members, and recent converts). So of course, about 10 minutes later we are asked by Brother Paul Vorel to come do service with him the next morning! As we were studying the next morning we got a call from our other two recent converts (a mother and a daughter), asking us to come over and give the daughter a blessing before she goes into rehab. We were able to see every single one of them and check up on how they are doing the very day after we prayed and had an amazing day.

These are just two miracles. Things like this happen to us nearly every single day. The Lord is so good to us and blesses us bounteously!

I am soo excited for conference this weekend and hope each and every one of you get to see it! Not only do we get to hear from our beloved Prophet and those Apostles we have all grown to love and admire but we will be able to hear from Three new Apostles that have been selected by divine selection and inspiration. I love to hear the words of the Lord through our Prophet and all of the Apostles. We are so blessed to live in these Latter Days! 

I love to hear from you all and pray for you each day. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers on my behalf. Heavenly Father does answer those prayers and it is very apparent to me in the work we are provided with.

I love you all. Have a blessed and wonderful week!

Keep the faith,

Elder Ricks

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