Monday, September 21, 2015

The Blessing- Week 8

While life seems to get busier and busier for all of you, it also gets busier and busier for me! I can't believe it is already this time of the week again. There is just so much going on all the time and so many amazing people we get to see, talk to, and serve everyday! The days and weeks seem to be blending together so I apologize if I ever repeat anything...

This week was the beginning of the new transfer and we gained a third companion, Elder Williams! He was really excited, we were really excited, the members have been really excited, I think Heavenly Father is really excited, everyone is really excited! We hit things right off and it really has been a great week and he has been a wonderful addition to our little army:) 

I am really bad at playing tennis which is so exciting!! When I started I was really really awful so improvement is being made:D Elder Balch and I have been waking up a little early for the last few weeks and going to the middle school to do our workout at the tennis court and then we play a few games for our exercise every morning. It has been a lot of fun and it is amazing what a really good and Fun workout at the beginning of your day does to you. The whole day goes by even faster and even better; studies are more effective, we are more awake and alert throughout the day, and somehow we are happier too! Don't just do things because you are "supposed to", do them and make them fun because you want to. That is the difference.

So many miracles happened this week and I wish I could tell you about them all but I think this story may bring a heart warming smile to your face:)

This week was the grand opening of Cabela's and Bob wanted to take us to get us our own fishing stuff so that we don't take and lose all of his stuff when we fish at his pond because we seem to lose his hooks and bait every time we go... So we were excited to go with him and got to his house at noon like he asked us too. He was asleep in his chair at the kitchen table and it did not look comfy at all... Anyways, we woke him up and waited in his car while he got ready. When he came out he had a newspaper article that he put on my lap. It was about this medical procedure to preserve someone's brain so that when technology and science advance they can "resurrect" this ladies mind who died of cancer. He wants to have this done to him when he dies so that he can have his brain preserved.. It is a great opportunity to talk about the Plan of Salvation more in depth because idk why you would want your brain to be put in a refrigerator when you are going to be resurrected anyways thanks to Jesus Christ!
Anyways, on the way to Cabela's Bob starts to fall asleep again so we kinda don't know what to do and wake him up and he asks us to tell him stories about our girlfriends and that would keep him awake. Well Elder Williams tried a story and he was still nodding off so then I started blurting out every story from my life I could think of about breaking my arm and camping and cliff jumping and all sorts of stuff right? Well he is still falling asleep so in my stories I would have to incorporate his name in a bit of a shout and would say stuff like... "I was laying on the ground with my..Bob!..arm out to the side and I thought my hand was under my..Keep Driving, Bob!..bottom because the nerves were messed up so I asked my..Speed up Bob! if he could move my hand out from under bum and he said..You can't go 35 on the highway Bob!..that my hand wasn't under by bum so I looked at it and realized he was right. We went to the hospital and got x-rays and it turns out..Stay in your lane Bob! humerus was broken in half with a hair line fracture but I didn't think it was funny at all.Bob Keep your eyes open!..

Anyway, we had quite the journey to get there and missed some turns and turned into an ambulance only entrance thinking we could get to the Cabela's parking lot from there but it was gated off so he was just going to pop the curb and drive on the sidewalk/grass to get to the parking lot because there was a lot of traffic behind us so it would be easier to do that than to wait and back up back to the road and anyways it was just the funniest thing getting there!!

We finally make it in looking at each other and thanking Heavenly Father we are still alive and like kissing the ground, the whole 9 yards. So we go in with him and we got our fishing stuff and bought some things he needed and Elder Balch drove us home. One of the things we got as bait were these pink, plastic, fake worms and the package said something like "get's the fish biting like it's bubble gum" or something like that saying bubble gum. So he is looking at it and says "Oh guys, this ain't nothing but bubble gum!" Elder Balch tells him that it's not, it is fish bait and he doesn't believe it so he opens it up and takes a bite out of it and and rolled the window down and spits it out saying "That tastes like a pig private part." and we were just dying of laughter and amazement! He wasn't feeling very good that day, needless to say but it was just hilarious and a highlight of the week!

We had a lot of spiritual miracles too, just so ya'll know:) But that is the basic theme of this last week! Just crazy, fun, hilarious, etc. The work is amazing and we are having a great time while doing it:)

Keep the faith, you are in my prayers,
Elder Ricks

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